Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shvoong : The Best Place To Write and To Earn Money

  Do you like writing, making summary or review?

Shvoong may fit your interest of writing, besides writing, you can also earn money from your writing. And don't worry, in Shvoong, your writing will get traffic, it means everybody will read your writing instead of writing your blog that, if your blog is not popular, is rarely visited by visitors you want. In shvoong, you can discuss too. There are tons of writers like you.

Why write on Shvoong?

Shvoong is the place for summaries and reviews for everything. So, here you can write anything to summarize or review.
Writing on shvoong means making money. You'll be paid monthly for your work (writing on shvoong).

Shvoong is Paid To Write Program?

Not really. Because it' is like community of writers and of course, to attract more writer, there are something to do. One of its way is pay for your work.

Is shvoong Really Paying Us?

Yes. It just paid me. See image below to see the payment proof of mine.


Assep Purna Mulyanto said...

ngefollownya gimana gan?

Biozery Kid said...

Di banner blogspot di paling atas ada tulisan follow-nya.. .