Monday, August 27, 2012

Add Your Experience in Teaching with Tutoring Online (For Teacher)

Do you like teaching? Are you graduated from college or university to teach?

It's showtime!
Let make your degree useful with tutoring online at

This is a website that will help the students to solve their academic problems, to complete homework, to do projects and to prepare them for the tests or exams to score their grades.

Then why?

If you are a teacher, I recommend you to become the tutor in eduboard. Why? Because it is online tutoring, you don't need to leave your home. Also, you may set your own schedule to teach here, it's flexible! Tutoring time is about 15-30 minutes with the advanced technology called "whiteboard" technology. Just checked!

about salary... .

you may ask about this too, of course, it will reward the teacher, action-reaction. Eduboard says that they take only 20% of your teaching commission. It's really a great deal!

In the end, the positive things that you can get, you know many new students with variation characteristics and will add your experience in teaching as well.

Interested to join?
Become a tutor here :

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