Sunday, February 05, 2017

SONY A7 II, the world's first Full Frame camera with 5-axis image stabil...

SONY A7 II, the world's first Full Frame camera with 5-axis image stabilization. Respiratory picture quality meets the freedom to shoot unmatched in a7II, the first full frame camera image stabilization in the world to 5 axis. In operation it is extremely intuitive and improved Hybrid AF provides Geographic fast food, super wide coverage and performance monitoring, which capture moving objects quickly and not loose. Packed with innovations still a valuable treaty, he was free to shoot all you want to trust.

In α7 II's first full frame camera in the world with the stabilization of 5-axis image and provide compensation lenses shake the camera is mounted in a series. Compact and refined to provide intuitive operation, Fast Hybrid AF provides super-fast advanced coverage expansion and uniquely effective tracking subjects fast.

In α7 II to significantly expand the scope of its expression, accounting for five types of camera shake when shooting still pictures and movies manually. In compensation for the 4.5-Step2 very effectively allows you to easily far away, detailed snap close-ups, captured scenes of the night and more-all with minimal blur camera movement.

BIONZ X ™ faithfully reproduces textures and details in real-time, which is seen by the naked eye, it enables additional processing capacity high speed. At the same time, large-scale integration of front-end, which speeds up the process, the details of nature, physical description and gradations richest tonal and produces less noise when shooting still images and movies.

In the strength and stiffness of the body and lens assembly have been better to provide a solid base, especially for the assembly of large lenses and heavy lenses super telephoto, such as those who prefer to shoot.

The specific area is to reduce the sound level, selectively divided regions of the image based on standards (as edges, textures and flat areas like blue skies) and then apply the most appropriate noise reduction for each direction is closed to reduce noise and achieve a new level of clarity.

I'm still getting used to the idea of ​​the camera without a mirror. And yet it seems to be small. That said, that's why I bought. I have much of a mountain bike and travel light shooting. When I want a full camera feel that I use in addition to the two battery holder the right. The camera feels solid as a professional camera.

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