Saturday, January 14, 2017

Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display

You can not beat professional 3D Printing Pen with OLED display. MYNT3D 3D pen in hand with this 3D print Take magic. Now you prototype drawing and learning space and ṭy-dimensional sculpture to be in any application the FDM technology can use. An engineer or an artist is, the pen MYNT3D large lasting infrastructure projects will take you.

Speed ​​of your car is not good enough for him or a 3D pen is not good enough for. Fill MYNT3D pen with you and fell off the intricate work of art to create large areas of extrusion rate can charge. The continuous organization in which it works, can powder for optimal speed allows Dial.

Some competitors Patented filament in MYNT3D that you use when you believe us any thermoplastic you want to use. ABS and PLA is a given, but what wood or brass infusion filaments? If 1.75 mm and 130-240 ° C between fade, then work on the pen MYNT3D.

The ergonomic arrangement at your fingertips and always keeps you in control before referring to a large organization would be impossible to allow.

The MYNT3D pen network is powered (at least with 2A output) The battery can be used by the banks.

Another pen with a temperature error directly junk can send it. MYNT3D our organization a unique nozzle that can be replaced in a matter of minutes to come back.

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