Saturday, January 14, 2017

What To Buy : An Effortless 3D Printing Experience

3DWOX carefully designed with users in mind. 3DWOX helps users automatically load the filament bed leveling and track the entire printing process. 3DWOX, and spend less time looking for things that you like things more.

The concept behind 3DWOX Desktop software is to make sure our users experience 3D Printing as easy as printing a single sheet of paper. For users who print in 3D for the first time, we have developed an easy way that users can use to easily modify and split a model. 3DWOX Desktop also shows you the best direction for printing and allows you to send a job and monitor the printing process while sitting at your desktop. With 3DWOX Desktop, you'll see that things do not have to be so difficult.

Sindoh, we think it should be easy to print in 3D. Today's 3D printers, the process of changing the filament, cut into small holes and manually by the user includes placing a difficult process. This 3DWOX, we keep it simple, 3D experience is difficult to print. Just the cartridge and you're done.

Each time you press one of the keys to print the bed to ensure perfect prints will be perfectly level. You want to build on a slanted surface and the same is true for 3D printing. Bed leveling, but 3DWOX, we make it simple. The work of the printer and the perfect level for specific instructions.

Print this complex and large 3D objects can take a long time. Sindoo, we have an integrated camera and process printing, day or night, LED lighting on a remote control for 3DWOX, making the 3D printing experience easy to believe. Simply the convenience of your living room to see the progress of printing on your mobile phone or tablet 3DWOX mobile application.

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