Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How To Criticize Well

Have you ever felt unsatisfied with someone's work then you criticize it? If Yes, then you'll need to read this article. In this article, I'll give you the rules of how to criticize well.

Basically, no one likes to be criticized, therefore please be careful to criticize someone. These are some rules that may help you to criticize properly.

1. Don't ever to criticize in front of public

2. Start your criticism with a good praise
The words such 'your painting is great BUT.. .'

3. Make your criticism impersonally - Criticize the deed, not the person

4. Give the answer
If you criticize, of course, you know the mistake, therefore you should give  the person the answer on how to do it correctly.

5.  Ask the cooperation, Don't demand
It is a reality if you will get a bigger cooperation if you ask than demand it.

6. One criticism for one violation
the most correct criticism is corrected just once.

7. End the criticism with friendly words
End your criticism with words such as 'we have solved this problem, let's we cooperate and help each others' than you say 'you had been admonished, fix your deed!'.

From those seven rules, I hope you can criticize properly. Remember, do it carefully since no one likes to be criticized.

source : skill with people (Les Giblin)

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