Monday, April 25, 2011

Indonesian Slang Languange : To Speak Such Local Does

 If you learn Indonesian Languange, then you need to read this articles. Here, I will tell you about some words of Indonesian slang languange.

Ana : "Met Pagi, Ari!"
Ari : "Pagi, Ana. Lama nggak ketemu. Gimana kabarmu?"
Ana : "Baik. Makasih."

That is just a short conversation  that use Indonesian slang languange. Let me explain!

Met Pagi : Good Morning. It is formally said 'Selamat Pagi'. If it is in afternoon, then it become 'Met Siang' or 'Selamat Siang' and 'Met Malam' for saying good night/evening.
Pagi : Morning. We also can say this to greet someone in the morning. Same with above, change to 'Siang' for afternoon and so on.
Lama nggak ketemu : Long time no see. the formal is 'Lama tidak bertemu.'
Gimana kabarmu? : How are you? -- the formal is 'Apa kabarmu?' and for more formal is 'Apa kabar anda?'
Makasih : Thank you. It is abbreviation of teriMA KASIH.

Here is the more slang words :

Nggak/Enggak/gak/ga : No.
Gue/Gua : I. It usually said by the Jakarta dwellers and surroundings.
Lo/Loe : You.
Ntar : Later
Bentar : For a moment
Napa : Why
Nyantai : Relax
Ni : This
Udah : Already

That is just a little words of slang Indonesian. Surely I can't remember all the words, it is just naturally said when we do conversation. If you have any quetion. Feel free to leave comments. It has set to anonymous too.


Anonymous said...

what does "ama doi" mean?

Biozery Kid said...

It means : together with close friend (someone you like but also can mean girlfriend/boyfriend).

1. "Ama" or "sama" is derived from bersama (together with).

2. "Doi" or "do'i" means someone you like or girlfriend/boyfriend.