Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Truth of Indonesian

Hello! Do you know about Indonesia? This country is located between Australia and Asia as well as in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. If you know of Bali, that's a small part of Indonesia.

At this time, I want to tell you a little about Indonesian. Do you learn Indonesian?

Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia and also spoken in surrounding countries such as Timor Leste. Indonesian currently regarded as the 3rd hardest language in Asia and 15th in the world. Even so, according to Director General of Information and Public Diplomacy Department of Foreign Affairs Andri Hadi at the plenary meeting of Indonesian IX Congress said that if the Indonesian is taught in 45 countries around the world such as Australia, Vietnam, etc. It also became the fourth popular language ​​in Australia.

In terms of grammar, maybe Indonesian is pretty difficult. For example:

To form a verb from an adjective or a noun and put it in a sentence, we need a supplement that varies. For example: 'bersih' (adj. Clean) becomes to 'membersihkan' (v. clean up → the supplements are mem- and -kan ).

That is just a glimpse of Indonesian. Getting to know and can speak a language that is difficult ,of course, is a pride and could be added value for ourselves. So, are you interested in Indonesian?

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